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        Where I am

        I currently live on a beautiful island in Southwest Florida, called Pine Island, fishing and boating when I’m not on assignment or editing. I like to spend a small part of the year in my home town, Mangalore, a lovely port-town in the west coast of India, and at my mother’s cozy home town – Ipoh, in Malaysia.

        Do you cover weddings across the US / internationally?
        We can't pose to save our lives. Are you ok with that?
        Do you do engagement sessions?
        Do you shoot family portraits?
        What are your prices?
        Can we meet before we make a decision?
        How do we make the booking?
        Yes. I'll go wherever your hearts take you! I've covered weddings all over, in USA, India & Malaysia.

        What my

        Clients Say

        Tiffany & Grant
        Kerry & Brian
        Amanda & Shaneez
        Sahana & Navin
        42.978ºN, 71.993ºW

        Sandip was a pleasure to work with. He was communicative in the months and days leading up to our wedding and was extremely flexible and professional throughout. On our wedding day, he made us feel comfortable with the posed photos and got so many wonderful candids that truly captured our day. He has a unique eye that offers a journalistic tone and shows the day exactly as it was, which is exactly how we wanted to remember it. His photos are artistic and stunning. We couldn't be happier we worked with Sandip for our wedding.

        42.178ºN, 71.128877ºW

        Okay so never will you ever regret your decision to hire Sandip. He is an adept artist and a professional. He captures truly beautiful and unique moments without being obtrusive or pushy. He will not necessarily cave to your demands in terms of wanting something that goes against his artistic integrity, but he is a professional and a dang good one at that, so it is in your own best interest to trust his instincts. Besides my words his pictures are the only proof you will need.

        11.868ºN, 75.368ºE

        We couldn't have asked for a better photographer than Sandip. Before we get to the quality of his photos, it is important that I mention how easy it is to work with him. A wedding can be extremely stressful, and I am not very good at posing for pictures. But Sandip is a natural and he just knows how to make you comfortable and make you look your best. It has been 4 years since our wedding and people still ask us about the photographs and the photographer, that's how good he is. He has a more journalistic approach and makes your photos tell a story. I can't recommend him enough.

        12.881ºN, 74.837ºE

        While we were contemplating our first shoot as a couple, we were looking for someone who could make us feel comfortable in front of the lens and captures us in the most natural and beautiful manner. In Sandip, we hit the jackpot.
        Not only was Sandip omnipresent guaranteeing all the important events of the main functions were covered in spite of tempting distractions such as abundance of alcohol and common friends & family, he also managed to be almost invisible during our couple shoot. He let us be ourselves, fool around and enjoy the couple shoot while making certain that he brought out our unique personality as a couple and arrest them for eternity.
        As they say, when the music fades and the lights go off, all you have are the memories and photographs. Each time we look at our engagement album charmingly curated by Sandip, we are taken back to those magical moments and we savor life a little more intensely :)